Re: Mahathir has more credibility The fact that Anwar went along with the corrupt system for a long time is undeniable. Otherwise, he would not have got to the post of DPM. But if you are blaming him for not doing anything during his 16 years, remember that he was sacked just as soon as he tried to change things. His mistake was to believe that after 16 years, he had enough support from within UMNO to mount a challenge against Mahathir and the very corrupt system. He was sadly mistaken. Hence, if he had spoken up much earlier, his head would simply have been chopped off much earlier.

As for taking a look at DSAI's physical properties, I'm not aware that he had very much in the way of physical properties. He can't even pay his lawyers, so they are representing him for free. However, if Anwar really did enrich himself during his 16 years, then why hasn't he been charged? Why is it that the AG can only find five very unconvincing cases of so-called corruption, not one of which involves monetary gain on the part of DSAI.

I wish I have as much faith as you do in the Malaysian ballot box. Just how free are the elections? Remember that the ruling party has a huge advantage in terms of mass media, money and machinery. Opposition leaders can't even make a speech legally without applying for a police permit.

The fact is that no matter how imperfect a man DSAI may be, he still deserves justice. Every man deserves justice. You do not have to be an angel to deserve justice. But DSAI has been convicted of trumped-up charges and there are more trumped-up charges pending. The AG framed false charges, the police fabricated evidence and tortured confessions out of his innocent associates, the mass media smeared him and then a kangaroo court handed down six years. And all these public instruments were used by Mahathir to destroy his political opponent in a sickening display of utter corruption. If you are not blind to DSAI's failings, surely you cannot turn a blind eye to Mahathir's monstrosities.

Leong <> wrote in article <7fomqg$hf9$>... You got a point. We are not privy to all the facts of the case. I believe that whats officially said and reported is just an excuse to nail DSAI and likewise DSAI's defence has been to capitalise on public sympathy along the lines of Indonesia's reformasi movement. In this matter, Dr M has been quite careless in handling the whole situation by commenting on the case before the conclusion of the trial. I do not whole-heartedly agree with Fearless on reformasi aims at righting the wrong. Are you suggesting that DSAI does not have any crony at all? Just take a look at DSAI's physical properties that has been amassed during the last 16 years. It is pot calling kettle black. If reformasi movement is really interested in helping this nation, help us understand how we are going to right the wrong...and we will excersise our citizens right to vote you to office. Demonstrating, rioting and freeing DSAI has nothing to do with anti cronism, corruption and collution. He had his chance during his 16 years in office, are you going to wait for another 16 years for change? As far as I am concern, he has failed. I am disappointed why it took him 16 years to speak up.