Malaysian Are Sleeping.
Are we sleeping?

Actually, we are sleeping for all the time. Malaysian are accepting what the leaders told them without analyzing the facts or afraid to question the leader or even their own self. For so long, we are a person that accepts someone's words and take it without any reservation.

Is reformasi movement is a wake up call?

This movement is the very first time in Malaysian history, right? This is a health movement. It shows that the Malaysian is going into a transition period of maturity. The past (before reformasi movement) we are just an infant, now we are a child. Will this child grow up and be a useful adult. Tire, dedication and effort will make this child to meet his glory day. We are getting mature day by day; from one reformasi movement by one reformasi movement. The past has shown us that rioting in foreign countries (eg US, South Korea etc..) has done no harm to them, in fact the people are more mature to fact the future and more mature to express themselves. We must continue to wake up the fellow Malaysian to fight for what is right and condemn the wrong.

Is Malaysian law is good for us?

Basically, all law is meant for people to behave themselves, if broken, face the consequences. If the law is abused, then the evil part arises. The law or status that most subject to abuse is ISA. Should it be abolished? No, if our leader or “law enforcer” does not abuse it. Yes, to provide a conducive living environment, install no fear to the people and more transparent government. To conclude that, we should abolish the ISA, replaced by more specific laws to counter or address specific problems and not to have a law to blanket the Country.

Is the Government is corrupted?

I believed that most if not all the governments in the World is corrupted, depends to what extend. From without exert noticeable hardship to the people and to the extend of depressing the people. So the present Government is corrupted? The answer is well-known to the people, but we dare not express to others, just keep between to ourselves, family members and close friends.

Is it wrong to do rioting or public demonstrations to demand that a person to be released from the jail?

What the reformasi movements are doing is wrong? Rioting or mobbing the streets is wrong? Basically, such action is totally unacceptable to a simple civilized human. But please be noted that those people on the street are civilized, there are not from the jungle. They read newspaper, magazine and even surf the net more that the so called leader welcome mega IT project. So what they are doing is wrong? I strongly believed that, to them (reformasi supporter), the law is blind, the law is being abused, the law is being controlled by certain quarters and the law shall prevail.

Just and law should comes hand in hand in the court of law? Certainly, YES. If the justice and law do not walk in a same direction or behave or seem like a “Siamese twin”, then the people shall uphold the justice and leave the law behind. Why we leave the law and not the justice? Justice is on our hand and not the law. We feel the just and not the law. As mentioned above, law is blind. Justice has a pair of wonderful eyes deep inside our “heart”. That’s why we should leave the law and uphold the justice. People created the law and the law punishes people. People made people and justice is inborn.

Rioting is wrong in the eyes of law, but the law is blind. Therefore, such act is acceptable for the sake to uphold the justice that inborn on us.

Is the Reformasi Movement is meant for Malay community?

Sacked, arrested and jailed Datuk Seri Anwar is a Malay. What to do with other communities? Why not other communities sit back and watch the show between the FRU and Reformasi supporter? The answer is very simple, justice is above all race and above all mankind.

If an IGP and give a black eye on a former DPM. He can kill a commoner. A police constable can give a black eye on a commoner. All without any punishment under the law.

Every community must participate in this movement? This is only for the people, regardless any race, who appreciate and value justice and dare to voice out.

Should the Reformasi Movement continue?

We should put a stop when justice is seen and felt. Not just some propaganda by the leaders, who claim there are the “best”.

Malaysia Boleh? Reformasi Lagi Boleh!

This has not finished yet… as the justice and reformasi movements. I will continue with more writing when time comes.