Searching For Truth

Let's forget about DSAI and his defense for a while.
Let's forget about the sex irrelevancy.
Let's forget about the political conspiracy.
Let's forget about the police conspiracy.
Let's forget about the corruption and nepotism.
They are after all, NOT RELEVANT!.

As we come to an end of Anwar's trial, let's look at this whole furore and court case
objectively and rationally from a layman's point of view. I'm sure, we straightminded
Malaysians, with these little education that we have, would be able to at least deduce this
whole issue amicably.

I am no learned judge, neither am I a qualified practising lawyer. I have never read law, know
nothing about the law, just a plain citizen seeking for answers, like the rest of the 20 million
Malaysians out there.

We were all stunned when DSAI's sacking was announced on the night of September 2nd.
There were uncertainties about the future, people were afraid to go out for fear there might
be a curfew or worse, street demonstrations like the ones we witnessed in Indonesia just
months ago. I was taken aback. Is there going to be a civil unrest in our very own backyard?
Will the 1969 riots erupt again, and I, live to see it happen? These thoughts kept running back
and forth in my mind. I was really unsure of my own future.

I never thought that Dr Mahathir would one day actually sack his deputy, especially one as
capable as Anwar. Not at the time when our country was facing its worst economic crisis in
years. We should instead stand hand in hand in facing these troubled times. It was also
unthinkable and stupid for Anwar to challenge Mahathir then, and Anwar knows this fact too
well. It would be detrimental for Anwar, and I would have called Anwar an ingrate and
impatient. And challenge him he did not. What a man of honour.

It was equaly unthinkable and stupid for Mahathir to remove Anwar, since Anwar has a huge
following and is climbing the political ladder steadily and steadfastly. But we all now how
stupid Mahathir is anyway.

The question remains, "Why and how did this event take place in the midst of our worst
economic crisis in years?" ...why?

The whirlwind began when news splashed across our national papers with intrinsic details of
Anwar's alleged sexual activities the next day. Is that why Anwar got sacked? Is it true?
What's happening to our country? However, the nagging question most people were asking
was how the affidavits was published word-for-word in the national papers unprecendented
when the case has not even appeared before a judge. Shouldn't that constitute a contempt
of court?

Why and how did it happen? What purpose did it serve? Why now? ...why? Anwar had his first
of many series of press conferences and for the first time, we hear of a high level conspiracy
against him. Details were explained and he seemed not surprised at his fall from grace, as if
waiting for it to happen. There is something he knew that we didn't. But, let's forget about
the political conspiracy here. It's NOT RELEVANT anyway.

Yet, we fervently waited for at least an iota of an explanation since the sacking and we
thought we would get an answer during the UMNO MT meeting on the gloomy night of Sept
3rd. Answer we did get, it was confirmed that Anwar was sacked, stripped of all party posts
and thrown out from the party. And all we heard was, "I don't need to give an explanation, it's
the party's decision."

Our Number 2 sacked, and all that they could offer was no explanation needed?!! Do you take
us as fools, or mere pawns in this political gambit?!!!

Well, no explanation was needed because the press was doing most of the explanation.
Everything came out, from sex to sodomy, treachery to corruption, abuse of power to murder,
and worse details that would have been censured if it was to be filmed. Where are the
Censorship board people when we needed them most?

One cannot help but ask, "Why are they so eager to get him out, that all his alleged wrong
doings are exposed!" Something is definitely not right. Anwar must either be guilty or else
nothing like this would have happened. Unless of course, what Anwar claims, a conspiracy of
the highest order to oust him politically is true. Then, there's something to think about. But
then, let's forget about the conspiracy here. It's NOT RELEVANT!

So fine, let's wait for the trial and we can cast our own verdict. If Anwar is indeed guilty,
everything will be exposed and God save his soul. We are after all, a law abiding society who
knows how to have a fair trial and see justice served.

But somehow by then, the trial by media had already begun. They literally ran down the poor
man defenseless. But why? We thought, with all these allegations and accusations, surely the
powers that be would definitely bring this man to justice? Then why must the media get
involved in this? Nope, no's NOT RELEVANT!

And it was finally settled, after weeks of drilling, that this man, the man we almost saw as our
next Prime Minister, removed because of his alleged sexual activities. The top man himself
attested to this in a long press conference and said he had evidence that was too much to
ignore. So, conspiracy theories or not, our Prime Minister, the HE-WHO-KNOWS-BEST has the
evidence that would incriminate Anwar. So, let's convict this man. What are we waiting for?
Let's get this over with and let the hand of justice strike those who deserves it most.

As the case unfolded, I kept asking myself, when is this so-called unignorable evidence
surfacing? Day after day, I waited to find clear evidence that points to Anwar's guilt, but day
after day it became more of a mockery. I have kept an open mind since the start of this whole
drama but the prosecution's case was so feeble, it made a laughing stock out of itself that
even their star witness fumbled!! Can you imagine that when even the most unlearned judge
could throw out sexual evidence as irrelevant, it just exemplifies the whole mockery of the
case and the balance seemed to have tilted to Anwar's favour in his claims of a conspicary.
Nope, no conspiracy here, NOT RELEVANT!

The irrelevance is the prosecution, for they have failed to do what they were set out to do,
"Prove beyond reasonable doubt that Anwar is guilty of these acts!" By the mere gesture of
expunging the sexual evidence that was baseless and frivolous, it proves that the prosecution
has no case. Who then is capable enough to concoct such ludricous charges?! The
prosecution should in fact be held in contempt of court for concocting a case without any
solid evidence that is beyond any reasonable doubt! Unprepared or not, the whole prosecution
case has already been defeated as there is no case to hear! It just comes to show that the
trial of century was nothing more than a mockery of the century! How could any judge allow
such a trial to continue when he himself had ruled that there was no need to prove whether
Anwar did engage in these alleged sexual acts. Duh...? NOT RELEVANT!

I thought somebody said that he had solid prove of Anwar's sexual activities and was the
reason for his removal. That is was too much for him to ignore?

Where is the too-much-to-ignore evidence purported? Didn't HE-WHO-KNOWS-BEST claimed
that Anwar is not fit to be the next Prime Minsiter? So, Anwar's removal was not politically
motivated? That sounded rather political, if you'd ask me. I have yet to be convinced
otherwise! Nope, no political conspiracy... NOT RELEVANT!

However, the irony was that the most unlearned judge allowed the prosecution to amend the
charges to suit the prosecution's need. Something is indeed amiss here! It's like saying, "Let's
have bread and butter for breakfast, but leave out the butter. Just eat the bread and we will
know what cheese tastes like." Duh...?!

There is too much irony in this. The whole case is an IRONY itself. The evidence deduced by
the prosecution kept contradicting itself. I cannot explain it, nobody can explain it, not even
Anwar. And I doubt the most unlearned judge understands what irony is!

The truth and falsity of the sexual charges are RELEVANT to determine the motive and only
then, do we have a case! But no... NOT RELEVANT!

So finally we have before us, 5 months of court debacle which started with sexual
accusations, and ended with just a mere question of whether he directed or asked for a
retraction. So this man, accused earlier of a different charge, lost his job, jailed, beaten, and
finally is convicted of a different charge. Basically, they just wanted him out. It is so obvious.
Where is justice? NOT RELEVANT!

In the midst of all this madness, then came the Royal Commission of Inquiry to look into the
cause of Anwar's infamous black eye and the confession of the century. I love his part. No
turning over needed, no retractions, no intructions but the former IGP, after all the accolades
heaped onto him after his resignation, confessed that it was indeed HE WHO HIT ANWAR!

"Sorry guys, I fear that I would incriminate myself that is why I have lied and refuse to admit
earlier." Moral of the story, lie and probably we could get away with it. I feel so proud that my
leaders are great examples!

Fine, admitting is one thing, the star question is, "Why, for heaven's sake, was there a need
for Rahim Noor to whack the lights out of Anwar when he is in police custody, blindfolded and
handcuffed?" Or was it something we never knew about Anwar, that he had telekinetic
powers, or is a first class boxer, martial arts expert, or was just lying there defenseless?

...why? We've got to establish motive? But again, let's forget about police conspiracy. NOT

I must be stupid as I cannot seem to place any relevance to Rahim Noor's brutal beating of
Anwar to his detention and alleged corruption case that surfaced. Probably, his beating was
really irrelevant. But still, what use is it beating up a man in prison? Duh... NOT RELEVANT I

What relevance it was for us to find out the motive behind his beating under police custody?

What relevance it was to know why he was removed unceremoniously? NOT RELEVANT!

What relevance it was for putting his supporters under ISA? NOT RELEVANT!

This whole country has been run by the NOT RELEVANTs and you'd expect all these to be
relevant? Nothing is relevant anymore. Not even this peace of writing.

My thoughts, your thoughts, NOT RELEVANT!
My truth, your truth, NOT RELEVANT!
My justice, your justice, NOT RELEVANT!
My life, your life, NOT RELEVANT!
Searching for truth? NOT RELEVANT!
In short, Malaysia... you're NOT RELEVANT!

If everything is not relevant, then why are we still engaged with this whole affair? If
everything is not relevant, then why is the world still looking at us?

Why...? Because, everything IS RELEVANT!

I have kept mum over this subject for far too long! I can't eat anymore of this crap from the
government. How can we as nation live with a conscience after this?

There is no two ways to this. Peaceful and constructive engagements can no longer be
adapted in our current crisis. Why? We have no voice...not even in Parliament. Talk about
peaceful round table discussions! We know and we see with our own eyes the cruel injustice
that is happening, the raping of the consitution, the complete destitution of freedom, the total
disregard of human rights! Many have tried to resolve this amicably. You get nothing except to
be confined in a cell of four walls! So what is there left to do?

Where else can I go as a concerned citizen, who dreams of living a peaceful and harmonious
life, who is proud to be called a Malaysian, who not only wish to have justice done but be
seen to be done?

Who then can we entrust to be the defenders of the constitution?

It is US... the normal citizens of Malaysia, who have no titles, no PJS, no AMN, no Datuks to
show off. For it is the people who seems to have more guts, will and wisdom to discern what's
right and wrong. It is time for people like you and me, to take our rightful place and claim our
constitutional rights of freedom and justice.

If you'd think racial issues are big... they don't beat injustice and inequality in human rights!
Stuggle for justice has never been more evident here in Malaysia then now...

We are after all victims...
We are after all in the same boat...
We are after all ... Malaysians!!!